How to Make Kratom Tea? (Our Step-by-Step Guide)

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Kratom is becoming more popular as it continues to gain press attention. What is Kratom, and why is it making the news right now?

Kratom is made from the leaves of a family of plants found in Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, and other countries in South-East Asia. It is known to have a range of beneficial properties when ingested by humans.

It can be used as a sedative to help people with sleep problems, as a stimulant to give an energy boost and increase stamina and is also taken by sufferers of stress and anxiety as it can help reduce the symptoms.

In this article we are talking about Kratom, what it is and why you may want to take it, and we’ll also give you our step-by-step guide on how to make Kratom tea. Let’s start with a short explanation of what Kratom tea is.

About Kratom Tea

Let’s answer the question what is Kratom tea? When you make a cup of tea you boil a kettle, put a teabag in a cup or a bag or loose leaves in a pot, and leave to steep. You then add milk if required, and sugar to taste, and you have a cup of tea.

Kratom tea is made in a similar way and has loads of benefits, except there are a few considerations to take into account. Next, we have a go-to guide for making Kratom tea, so let’s begin by talking about the different strains of Kratom and why you need to know at least the basics.

Kratom Tea
How to make kratom tea? (our step-by-step guide) 7

Step 1 – Choose Your Kratom Strain

If you want to make Kratom tea the first thing you need to think about is why you want to use Kratom. As mentioned above, it can variously be a relaxant or a stimulant, it helps with anxiety and is also a known pain reliever. Some people want to try it as a recreational substance. Different strains – and different doses – have varied effects.

There are, in fact, more than 50 strains of Kratom. These are divided into categories by the color of the veins on the leaf. Each category is more effective for some uses and less for others.

The following is a generalization, and we strongly recommend you read further in more detail about the strains within each ‘color group.’

Red vein Kratom strains are among the most popular and also the fastest acting. These strains are mainly best for sleep and for pain relief. Maeng Da Red Kratom is also an excellent choice for energy boosting and is considered the most powerful of all strains.

Green vein Kratom strains are considered to be ‘in the middle’ in terms of effect and are good – if not as good as the red variety – for both sedation and energy. Green Horn and Green Borneo Kratom score highly for anxiety relief. The milder greens are a good starting point for newcomers.

White vein strains are widely used as a stimulant or pick-me-up and produce effects such as a clear head and improved clarity and concentration. In larger doses, they can induce euphoria and hallucination.

We stress again that the above are general guidelines as within each color group are many varieties. Now let’s look at the various methods of making Kratom tea.

Step 2 – Crushed Leaf, Powder, or Kratom Teabags?

For the sake of this guide, we are concentrating on how to make Kratom tea with crushed leaf as most people find this to be the most effective method. Other ways to take it are as a powder, or in tea bags.

Whichever method you use, you need to think about dosage. In general, between 2-grams and 4-grams will be best for stimulation and energy boost. 4 to 6-grams will add a little more power and is where you begin to find the pain-killing properties. Above 6-grams and you enhance the pain relief and begin to induce sedation.

We recommend newcomers start with a small amount and adjust the dosage to suit the desired effect.

Step 3 – Boil Your Water in a Kettle or Saucepan

Now we’re into the fun bit – making and drinking Kratom tea. As you would for any cup of tea, simply boil water in a kettle or pan, and add it to a mug, cup, or a pot.

Step 4 – Add Your Kratom and Leave to Steep

Take your selected dose of Kratom – always check you have weighed it accurately as the different result between very small variances in weight can have a surprisingly different effect.

Add your Kratom to the water – with teabags, you get a specified dose, which some people find more convenient. Stir it for a minute, and then let it steep. How long it should be left is up for debate. Some users leave it for 3 to 4 minutes, others for as long as 12 minutes. The longer it is left, the more the compounds in the leaves will seep into the water.

Before you pour, make sure you strain your Kratom tea, so there are no nasty fragments of leaves in it. This can be done with a muslin cloth or a fine tea strainer.

That’s it done; you’re ready to enjoy your Kratom tea. A couple of final words of advice: Kratom tea can be surprisingly bitter to taste. Many users add honey as a sweetener to make it more pleasant to drink.

Also, we should stress that Kratom is of the opiate family. We recommend users are extremely careful with the dose they take, and always get medical advice if taking other medications.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Strain Kratom Tea?

The best way to strain Kratom tea is to pour it through a muslin cloth or use a fine tea strainer that has very small apertures.

How Much Does Kratom Tea Cost?

The cost of Kratom tea will vary according to the variety and the form in which you buy it. As an example, we found a selection of loose-leaf options for around $20, and others for much more. There is plenty of choice as the market is growing.

How Long Do You Leave Kratom Tea to Steep?

The answer depends on your own personal preference. To ensure that all the active elements are present in your Kratom tea the recommended time is 10 to 12 minutes. Most who enjoy Kratom tea leave it for around 4 minutes.

Enjoy your Kratom tea!

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