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What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia, and it has been used for centuries by people who live in this area. Kratom leaves are crushed into powder or extract form to create different effects. The most popular use of Kratom is as an all natural pain reliever for

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Kratom Powder vs Kratom Extract: What’s The Difference?

The kratom guide for beginners

The kratom guide for beginners How would you like to be able to increase your energy, reduce pain and anxiety, improve mood, or even potentially cure addiction with just one plant? Believe it or not, there is such a thing as the ”miracle” herb kratom. But because of its legal

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Bali Kratom: Review, Strain Information & More

10 Reasons Why Kratom Affects People Differently

10 Reasons Why Kratom Affects People Differently Why are different types of kratom so different in their effects? Why would a particular type of kratom make one person feel relaxed and even drowsy while making another person energetic and productive? Why does one person find a kratom product to be

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The 5 Most Repeated Kratom Myths – All Debunked!

Whenever a news story about Kratom appears in the press or on television, more often than not, it is accompanied by unsubstantiated ‘facts’ and recycled, uninformed opinions. This level of misinformation and lazy journalism constitutes an enormous disservice to the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans who are denied

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Customer Opinions and Reviews

Riley Hornberger
Riley Hornberger(verified owner)
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Best store of its kind in Cody! Friendly staff who know what they’re talking about and are passionate in helping you find what you need. Great products and prices! Highly recommend!
Garrett Collier
Garrett Collier(verified owner)
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Really nice people and a great place to buy cbd! I’m glad cody finally has a store with things I normally have to go to Billings for.
DKMorphet (verified owner)
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Gives great energy without feeling nauseous!!! Love it!
Tracie Gary
Tracie Gary(verified owner)
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So far out of all the ones we’ve tried this is my favorite will be ordering more hopefully today! It’s good energetic blend
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