How to Take Kratom (This is the BEST Way!)

The market for Kratom is growing quickly. A legal product in most states – and largely unregulated – this interesting and fascinating substance has many benefits for users. What is Kratom used for, and how should you take it for the most effective results? That’s what we are concentrating on

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How to Make Kratom Tea? (Our Step-by-Step Guide)

Kratom is becoming more popular as it continues to gain press attention. What is Kratom, and why is it making the news right now? Kratom is made from the leaves of a family of plants found in Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, and other countries in South-East Asia. It is known to

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What Is Gold Kratom? [We Explain!]

Gold Kratom is one of many strains of Kratom and comes from Bali. It is from the Red Vein Kratom family and is considered a consistently high-quality example. Gold Kratom is used for pain relief, and anxiety, and as an energy booster. Kratom is fast becoming a popular substance in

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Kratom Color Guide

Kratom vs. CBD: What’s the Difference?

The main differences between Kratom and CBD are the legal status of each in some states of the USA, where they are obtained from, and what effect they may have on the user.  Put simply, CBD is obtained from hemp and is a relaxant, while Kratom is made from the

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Kratom Dosage Guide: How Much to Take? [Explained]

The general advice on Kratom dosage is that anywhere between 2 grams and 8 grams is an ideal dosage. It is important to understand that weight, age, and lifestyle will influence the results of the dosage. Kratom Dosage Introduction In the following Kratom dosage guide, we will explain how Kratom

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How Long Does Kratom Take to Kick In? [Explained]

Kratom is following in the footsteps of CBD in becoming a popular product. Used as a pain reliever, for anxiety and stress relief, and more commonly as a recreational drug, Kratom is an interesting substance that has been widely researched. In the article that follows we will answer the question

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Kratom Color Guide

How Hard is Kratom on the Liver? [Explained]

In the following article we will be addressing the question is Kratom bad for the liver? The simple answer is that, as with many substances in the opiate class, it can be. However, reports of liver damage due to Kratom use are in fact rare. So, how hard is Kratom

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What is Kratom

What is Kratom? Capitol Botanicals Beginner’s Guide

Throughout the ages many plants and plant extracts have been used medicinally, especially in countries in Southeast Asia where traditional medicine is still practiced today. The recent legalization of cannabis and cannabidiol – CBD – in many states of the USA has led to a change in the way such

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Customer Opinions and Reviews

Riley Hornberger
Riley Hornberger(verified owner)
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Best store of its kind in Cody! Friendly staff who know what they’re talking about and are passionate in helping you find what you need. Great products and prices! Highly recommend!
Garrett Collier
Garrett Collier(verified owner)
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Really nice people and a great place to buy cbd! I’m glad cody finally has a store with things I normally have to go to Billings for.
DKMorphet (verified owner)
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Gives great energy without feeling nauseous!!! Love it!
Tracie Gary
Tracie Gary(verified owner)
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So far out of all the ones we’ve tried this is my favorite will be ordering more hopefully today! It’s good energetic blend

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