How to Take Kratom (This is the BEST Way!)

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The market for Kratom is growing quickly. A legal product in most states – and largely unregulated – this interesting and fascinating substance has many benefits for users.

What is Kratom used for, and how should you take it for the most effective results? That’s what we are concentrating on in the article that follows, so let’s begin with a short explanation of the various uses for Kratom.

About Kratom

We will talk about how to take Kratom and what is the best way soon, but first, we want to add a little context about what Kratom is.

Kratom is made from the leaves of a family of plants found in Thailand, Bali, and other countries in that area of South East Asia. There are more than 50 different strains of Kratom, and these are classed by the color of the veins in the leaves – red, green, and white – plus the country of origin.

Kratom, when taken in different dosages – can provide the following effects:

  • Stimulation including greater energy, better concentration, and also added stamina
  • Sedation including relaxation and sleep inducement
  • Pain relief from chronic pain
  • Anxiety relief and an increase in sociability
  • And in larger doses a feeling of euphoria may be experienced.

The Kratom family of plants have opiate qualities. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that those new to using the substance start with a weaker strain of white or green-veined Kratom to get a feel for the effects.

In the USA, Kratom is legal to purchase and use in most states. However, it’s worth knowing that it has not been passed for use by the FDA. Now we come to the big question: what is the best way to enjoy Kratom?

Taking Kratom in Powdered Form

Among the most popular ways to take Kratom is to use it in powdered form. The simplest method – although hardly pleasant – is to measure your dosage and put it in your mouth and swallow it. However, the taste of Kratom powder is not a pleasurable one. After you have done this, you will need to wash the taste away with a glass of water.

This is, we should explain, the method that gets you the effect in the fastest possible time. Modifying this method sees many people taking Kratom mixed with lemon juice, olive oil, or even milk. Some recommend chocolate milk as it masks the taste.

How to take powdered Kratom is a question that throws up many solutions. In addition to those above, the practice of mixing with grapefruit juice – or any of the citrus fruit juices – not only helps with the taste, but also increases the effect of the Kratom thanks to the acidic elements in the juice. Indeed, it’s possible to say you can add Kratom powder to just about any drink, but it will impair the taste.

Taking Kratom as Tea

Search how to drink Kratom, and there is no doubt that Kratom Tea will be among to top responses. Kratom in leaf form is very much like tea. Brewing Kratom tea can be done in a couple of ways, depending on the quality of the drink.

One way is to brew it as you would a pot of tea: boil the kettle, add the Kratom to the water, give it a stir, and then leave it for a few minutes. Between 4 and 12 minutes seem to be the preferred options.

Before drinking, you will need to do two further things: strain the tea using a muslin cloth or a fine tea strainer and a sweetener such as honey to hide the bitterness.

The second method is more involved yet does provide a more potent brew. This involves boiling Kratom leaves for 30 minutes in a saucepan. The effect will be the Kratom boils down. You now do a second boil using the same leaves. Strain, add sweetener, and you have a powerful cup of Kratom tea. It’s time-consuming but provides far better effects.

Kratom Tea
How to take kratom (this is the best way! ) 8

Kratom Capsules and Other methods of Taking Kratom

There are further methods of taking Kratom other than the two most popular described above. Here are a few of the more commonplace:

  • Vaping Kratom is becoming more popular, especially with users who already vape CBD or cannabis. The problem with vaping is that the temperature required to vaporize the Kratom leaves destroys some of the active ingredients. If you want mild results and a convenient method this may be for you.
  • Chewing Kratom Leaves is a popular method in the countries of origin – those where the plants grow naturally – and many users try this method. Most will reject it. The leaves have to be dry, are quite tough, and the taste is not pleasant. It also provides greatly reduced results compared to the more popular methods.
  • Kratom is available in capsule form and for many people this is the most convenient and efficient method. Capsules come in carefully measured doses, you simply wash them down with water or other liquid, and – perhaps most important of all – there is no taste. The main downside to this method is that the capsule needs to go through the indigestion system, so results will be slower to arrive.

Have we arrived at the best way to take Kratom? It’s difficult to give a firm answer, as what works for one may not for another. What we can say is that the least efficient methods are chewing dry leaves, and vaping Kratom.

Capsules are the most convenient. Quick, tasteless, and already measured for you, but you’ll have to wait longer for the experience.

Easily the most effective are drinking Kratom as tea and mixing it in powder form with a drink of your choice. We hope you have found this article helpful, so enjoy your Kratom journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many Grams of Kratom Should You Take?

The ideal dosage will not only be influenced by the desired effect, but by the user’s body weight, metabolism, and general health. For light use between 2-grams and 4-grams is recommended, with around 10-grams being a strong dose.

How to Mix Kratom?

Mixing Kratom with water or other drinks is simple: use the powdered version and stir it for a few minutes, and you’re ready to go.

What’s the Easiest Way to Take Kratom?

The easiest method of taking Kratom is to use capsules, but although they come prepared and there is no taste, the effects will be delayed. The best way is to mix powdered Kratom with flavored drinks.

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