How Much Kratom Do You Need to Fall Asleep? [Dosage Info]

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Kratom is getting a lot of press of late, and for a good reason. Kratom is a substance of great interest and has been used in Eastern medicine for many years. One reason for taking Kratom is that it can help those who have trouble sleeping.

We want to answer the question of how much Kratom to fall asleep and talk about this fascinating substance in more detail. 

We’ll start by introducing you to Kratom, and then we’ll look at its various uses and provide a detailed section on using Kratom for sleep purposes. 

Where Does Kratom Come From? 

Kratom is made from the leaves of a plant in the tea family. The plant is found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. In these countries – and especially in Thailand – it is used as tea or ground into powder and taken by everyday workers for stimulation.

That should not indicate that Kratom is helpful for sleep, surely? The important fact is that the effects of Kratom differ, given the dose taken. Furthermore, there are different strains of the plant, as we will elaborate on later.

Kratom, taken in small doses, is a stimulant. In larger doses, it is a relaxant. We also want to explain that it is an opioid and can therefore induce psychotic effects if large quantities are taken. 

While legal for use as a supplement in many states of the USA, Kratom remains illegal in some as it has yet to be passed for use by the FDA. You should check your location before you try to buy Kratom. 

What is Kratom used for? We are going to talk about sleep soon, but first, we want to highlight some of the uses of the substance. 

Who Uses Kratom?

Taking Kratom for sleep is only one of the reported benefits of the substance. We’ve mentioned its use as a stimulant, so here’s a short list of the main uses of Kratom as reported anecdotally by users:

  • Kratom provides pain relief for persons with chronic pain problems
  • It is taken by people who are stressed and anxious to relieve those symptoms
  • There are many reports that Kratom can help relieve depression
  • Kratom is used to restore well-being in people who are feeling low and listless

Kratom achieves these effects as it acts on the opioid receptors in the body. These are found attached to nerve cells in the brain, the spinal cord, and elsewhere. Kratom acts like the natural opioid proteins in the body by blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain. 

So, now we know what it does and how it works, we need to talk about Kratom and sleep. 

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How much kratom do you need to fall asleep? [dosage info] 10

Taking Kratom to Help You Sleep

Finding the best Kratom for sleep purposes requires us to look at different strains of the plant. Different strains have varying effects. The strains to use for sleep are the ‘Red Vein’ Kratom strains. 

These have a greater concentration of a substance called 7-OH-Mitragynine. This is the substance that acts as a sedative. There are three red vein strains, these being:

  • Red Maeng Da is a strain considered among the strongest. It is recommended that users take around 5 grams of the substance to help with sleep. The user may find they are energized at first, but this effect will transform into sedation in around an hour, according to user reports. Buy Red Maeng Da here.
  • Red Indo Kratom is an Indonesian variety and is unusual among strains in that it is almost exclusively a sedative. Like the above, some users report feeling energized at first. This strain is also an excellent pain reliever and acts faster than the above.
  • Red Bali Kratom is another Indonesian strain that acts as the two above but is not as popular and may be more difficult to obtain. Buy Red Bali Kratom here.

We mentioned a dosage of 5 grams in the first example, yet this will not be the same for every user. As with many substances of this type, your age, weight, general fitness, and metabolism will all have an effect on the efficacy of Kratom.

The recommended course of action is to take 4 grams at first and see what the effects are. Add a gram every hour until you find you feel sleepy. That is your ideal dose. 

Many users suggest between 6 and 8 grams to be the most effective, and remember not to go too high, or you may induce nausea and other unwanted effects. 

Is Kratom safe? Let’s have a few words on that subject before we answer a few questions.

Is Kratom Safe? 

If you take Kratom before bed at no greater than the dosage, we advise that the substance is completely safe. It is considered safer than prescription sleep aids, which users often develop a dependency on and become addicted surprisingly quickly.

Remember that Kratom is an opioid. A user can become addicted to Kratom if used too much. Coming off Kratom addiction is, however, far easier and less troublesome than other opioid addictions. 

The reported side effects of Kratom include above-mentioned nausea, muscle weakness, and low blood pressure. These symptoms are almost always associated with high-dosage users. 

Taken with care, Kratom will help you sleep, and it is far less expensive than prescription drugs. 

We hope this brief article has helped you understand what Kratom is about and how to use it for sleep problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kratom Help You Sleep?

Yes, Kratom will help you sleep if you follow the advice above regarding finding the right dosage for you. The sleep effects are reportedly most effective in the 6 to 8-gram dosage range, and we recommend you start at 4 grams and add a gram per hour until you fall asleep.

Does Kratom Make You Tired?

Many users report that they feel more awake and energized in the first few minutes having taken Kratom. This effect will fade away and be replaced with sleepiness, usually within an hour. 

Can Kratom Cause Insomnia? 

If taken as recommended above, Kratom will have the opposite effect on insomnia. Take too high a dose, and you may induce psychotic effects such as hallucination and euphoria, which are not conducive to sleep. Stay within the 6 to 8-gram dosage range, and you will be fine. 

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