How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Kratom? [Explained]

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The age limit for buying Kratom is either 18 or 21 depending on the state in which you are purchasing it, although in some states there is no official age limit. Kratom is illegal in certain states.

The growing popularity of Kratom, the processed leaves of a plant native to Thailand and the surrounding countries, has led to much press coverage.

In this article, we are going to look at the subject of how old to buy Kratom you need to be in the states where you are purchasing it.

Kratom is widely used as a recreational substance. Reportedly it also has pain-relieving qualities and is also used as a sedative. Curiously, in small doses, Kratom is a stimulant.

In larger doses, it can induce hallucination and euphoria, as it is an opiate. Let’s begin by looking at the states where Kratom is not a legal substance to buy.

Where is Kratom Illegal?

Kratom is legal in the USA according to federal law. However, regulation of the substance is non-existent in many states.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act says that it is not a scheduled substance. However, some states have it listed as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance under their State Laws. In the following states, Kratom is therefore illegal:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

In all other states, Kratom is a legal substance. Let’s move on and look at the different states and their regulations regarding Kratom and age limits.

What are the Regulations for States Where Kratom is Legal?

The first thing we should say is that there is no official Kratom legal age in many states, while others have imposed an age limit.

This does not mean that a retailer – online or physical – will sell to anyone. Reputable Kratom supplier will apply their own age barrier – usually 18 or 21 – and online customers may require proof of age before selling to you.

Let’s go through the states in which Kratom is a legal substance.

Alaska – Kratom is legal in Alaska but remains unregulated. There is no official age restriction and retailers are left to set their own.

Arizona – Arizona is a party to the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and has an age limit of 18.

California – the substance is legal in California although San Diego City has banned Kratom. There is no official age limit.

Colorado – Kratom remains unregulated yet legal in the state of Colorado and there I no set age restriction. Be aware that it is banned in Monument and Parker towns, as well as in the city of Denver.

Florida – the situation regards Kratom in Florida is similar to that in Colorado: it is legal yet unregulated with no age limit. Be aware that it is banned in Sarasota County.

Illinois – Kratom is both legal and regulated across the state of Illinois except in Jerseyville where it remains illegal. The age limit is 18.

Massachusetts – there is no age restriction, and the substance is not regulated, yet is legal.

Michigan – Kratom is legal and there are no regulations or age limits.

New Jersey – similar to Michigan, with no age limit, no regulations, and it is legal.

New York – Kratom is regulated in New York, is legal, and the age limit is set by the state at 18. Retailers may have their own age requirements.

In the remaining states of Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington Kratom is legal and unregulated with no age limit.

The above comprehensive list covers all the states in the USA where Kratom can legally be purchased. We advise you to keep up with changes in state law as it is more than likely that regulations will be put in place, and with that will come age limit restrictions.

We mentioned online Kratom retailers, so should you buy online or from a physical store?

Should I Buy Online or Not?

By far the most popular and convenient method of purchasing Kratom is the online method. There are many online Kratom retailers compared to a few on the high street.

Bear in mind that the Kratom age limit relating to the state where your Kratom is to be delivered is the one that applies and that retailers may have their own restrictions in place.

What are the advantages of buying Kratom online as opposed to in a store?

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Pros and Cons of Buying Kratom Online

Buying Kratom from an online retailer has many advantages, yet there can be some drawbacks. Before you order, ensure that you can legally use Kratom in your state, and have your ID available.

Let’s list some of the advantages:

  • All online Kratom retailers will be American Kratom Association (AKA) certified.
  • You will find quality guarantees are strong with online retailers.
  • Third-party lab tests are often available to read.
  • All the strains will be available and not just the common ones.
  • You will get a better price thanks to lower overheads.

The convenience factor is a major draw – just a few clicks and your Kratom is on its way – and is the major reason many consumers choose to buy online.

Are there any disadvantages? There are a few:

  • You cannot inspect the product before buying.
  • The delivery may take some time.
  • Requires some knowledge of online shopping.

As we can see, the advantages outweigh the cons by some way. Also, if the product is not up to standard you will be able to return it.

Perhaps the only advantage of buying from a store in the high street is that you can form a relationship with the retailer and inspect the product. Be aware that most high street Kratom stores will not be certified by the AKA, so you cannot be so certain of the quality.

Final Words

We hope we have covered the topic of age limits for buying Kratom as best as possible, and we have given you a list of the situation in each state. If you do buy online check with the retailer as to their age limit as it may be higher than in the states.

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