What Is Gold Kratom? [We Explain!]

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Gold Kratom is one of many strains of Kratom and comes from Bali. It is from the Red Vein Kratom family and is considered a consistently high-quality example. Gold Kratom is used for pain relief, and anxiety, and as an energy booster.

Kratom is fast becoming a popular substance in the USA where it is currently legal in most states. However, it is worth knowing that it is an opioid substance and should be treated with care.

People use Kratom for different reasons. Some take it recreationally, as it has a calming and pleasant effect, while others use Kratom to boost energy. It can also be a sedative. We’ll talk in more detail about the uses of Kratom, and in this article, we are looking specifically at Gold Kratom. What is Gold Kratom, and where does it come from?

What Is Gold Kratom?

Kratom is a substance derived from the leaves of a family of plants that grow in Indonesia, Thailand, Bali, and nearby. There are in fact more than 50 strains of Kratom. Many are similar, but a few have outstanding characteristics. Gold Kratom is one of the latter.

Gold Kratom – often referred to as Yellow Kratom – is exclusive to Bali. Bali offers a unique climate that favors Gold Kratom, and the soil fertility is ideal. This strain is one of the ‘Red Vein’ families of Kratom, and we’ll talk more about that later.

Gold Kratom is a relatively mild strain and is therefore a good starting point for beginners. It has a unique alkaloid profile. Gold Kratom is known for its consistent quality and is harvested especially on its own.

Many users enjoy Gold Kratom for its various effects. It is important to understand that – as with all Kratom strains – Gold Kratom will act as a stimulant in small doses but may be a sedative in larger amounts. In large amounts, it can also induce psychoactive effects such as hallucination and euphoria. It is therefore essential that new users are careful with the dosage.

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What is Gold Kratom Used for?

Kratom in general is used for a variety of purposes. Although not officially sanctioned by the FDA, it is reported by many users that Kratom can be a useful pain reliever. Furthermore, Gold Kratom reportedly induces a relaxed state in certain doses.

An interesting aspect of Gold Kratom is the ability to achieve opposite effects. In small doses, it will act as a stimulant. In greater doses, it is a sedative. Let’s have a look at the primary uses of Gold Kratom.

Energy boosting is a popular use of Gold Kratom. Taken in a small dose – between 1 and 4 grams – it reportedly improves physical energy and the ability to concentrate. Although now banned in Thailand, it was once taken routinely by workers to improve their stamina. Gold Kratom will help you remain alert without tiring too quickly.

Another popular use of Gold Kratom is pain relief. A range of doses are recommended for mild, medium, and acute pain, and it has a lasting effect for several hours. Persons with ailments that come with chronic pain use the substance either brewed as tea, in powdered form, or in dry leaf form to relieve pain.

Gold Kratom is also used as an anxiety reliever. The ability to induce a calming and soothing effect, as well as make users more alert, has a positive effect on those who have trouble in social situations. The substance allows the individual to be more assertive, sociable, and talkative.

If you have a poor appetite there are indications that Gold Kratom may be of help. It is important when taking Kratom for any reason that you keep hydrated. Gold Kratom does have dehydrating effects.

Finally, some people take Gold Kratom as a recreational drug, and an alternative to – for example – cannabis. The calming and soothing effects can be pleasant and satisfying, but it remains important to take care with dosage. Let’s talk more about the effects of Gold Kratom, and what to be aware of when using it.

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What are the Side Effects of Gold Kratom?

As already mentioned, Kratom has opioid properties. In small doses, it is a harmless substance that provides the stamina needed to get through a difficult day or relieve your anxiety.

However, in larger doses, there can be problems. Gold Kratom is known to be a particularly sensitive strain when taken in larger doses. We are talking about a dose greater than 9 grams.

Such a dose can produce side effects that are far from pleasant. Nausea, for example, and an upset stomach may be felt. Headaches and dizziness, paranoia, and other effects of a psychoactive nature may also occur.

The most commonly reported effect is the ‘Kratom Wobble.’ This is a condition where the user cannot focus and loses control of vision due to the eyes constantly moving. It may last minutes or can last hours.

A brief guide to dosages says that the safe dose is less than 6 grams, and for new users, it is advisable to start at a single gram and work up until you achieve the effect you desire.

Should I use Gold Kratom?

Gold Kratom is highly regarded for its consistent quality, although due to a variety of growers who harvest the plant in the specific parts of Bali where it grows, there can be variations in quality. It is also regarded as a milder version of Kratom, so is a sensible choice for the new user.

Stronger strains include Red Maeng Da Kratom, which is used for pain management and is known as the strongest strain so far discovered. It is also used for opiate withdrawal treatment. Green Horn Kratom is known for its long-lasting effects, while White JongKong Kratom is a powerful stimulant that does not come with the side effects of many other strains.

If you are trying Kratom for the first time, Gold Kratom comes highly recommended by many users. Start with a small dose and increase it over time.

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