The Science Behind CBD Massage Oil

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According to scientific studies, it’s been proven that CBD massage oil can help with symptoms such as chronic pain and anxiety when used in a massage setting. When using CBD oil, you can enhance the effects of massage therapies. 

Even though CBD oil has continued to become more popular over the years, many people are still unaware of its benefits and how it works with your body.

In our article, we’ll dive into the science behind CBD massage oil, specifically how these massage oils can absorb into your body and how they can help with the pain you’re experiencing. So, without further ado, stick with us as you read the science behind CBD massage oil

CBD Massage Oil: Explained

Over the years, CBD massage oil has become popular in the cosmetics business and has been on an upward trend ever since. Unlike other psychoactive components, CBD massage oil won’t give you a buzzed feeling in the way cannabis performs. CBD massage oils are known to help with anxiety, inflammation, and problems with tension.

Presently, you can find CBD in many massage oils to give a feeling of relaxation and moisturizing effects on the body. These oils make it easier to comfort sore muscles. CBD massage oil has several benefits, which we’ll discuss later on, and can be great to use after a long, strenuous day.

Many massage oils have extra ingredients, such as lavender fragrance, which can help relax the muscles and lower stress. Similarly, professionals are now conducting massages using a carrier oil containing CBD. 

CBD Massage Oil: How Long Before It Starts to Work?

The science behind cbd massage oil 3

To work, CBD massage oil needs to have direct communication with your endocannabinoid system, in addition to various proteins such as receptor and serotonin proteins. We always tell our customers that when they get a CBD oil massage, their bodies will absorb the oil through their skin.

Once you’ve had your massage, you will begin to feel the effects of the CBD oil in around ninety minutes. It’s essential to remember that how long CBD takes to have an impact will be based on different factors. It’s also important to remember that dosage also plays a role in its effects.

If you want to experience the effects much faster, we recommend using a CBD massage oil which has a higher dosage. Users who have larger body mass may also require a higher dosage of CBD. Like anything we consume, the speed at which components are absorbed within the body depends on your metabolism.

How long CBD takes to have an effect depends on how frequently you use it. If you’re someone who uses CBD frequently, you might experience the effects much faster.

How Often Should You Use CBD Massage Oil?

According to research, there is nothing that suggests that CBD massage oil has adverse effects on your body. Depending on the person, someone can handle taking up to fifteen hundred milligrams each day. However, if your body contains excessive amounts of CBD, you might experience symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, or diarrhea.

The amount of oil found in CBD is based on percentages of volume. Many companies will package their CBD massage oils in various dosage percentages.

Five Percent

If your product contains five percent CBD oil, it means that five percent of the product contains CBD massage oil. If you’re using massage oil at this range, it could take approximately two hours to experience the effects. The timeframe in which it takes to experience the effects depends on a person’s metabolism or weight.

Ten Percent

Ten percent CBD oil has a broader range of components that are beneficial to the body. If you use around twenty milligrams of ten percent massage oil daily, you can experience soothing and relaxing muscles without the worry of experiencing adverse side effects.

These dosages can take approximately sixty minutes to begin working, even though it can depend on the person. 

Twenty Percent

If a product has twenty percent oil, this means that the product contains twenty percent CBD oil in the product. With this amount of CBD oil, you can expect to experience effects in approximately thirty minutes. Compared to other options, this dosage will last longer.

To experience the most significant results, we recommend starting with a smaller dosage until you find out what your body can handle. 

Benefits of CBD Massage Oil

Cbd Massage Oil
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1. Helps Lower Tension

One of the primary reasons that many individuals decide to use CBD massage oil is to relieve tension. CBD oil can help relax your muscles and enter your skin through the endocannabinoid system. Since CBD massage oil does not contain THC, you won’t experience a high from using it.

After using the massage oil, you can go about your day without experiencing any adverse effects and enjoy the relaxing effects of the massage.

2. Alleviates Chronic Pain

If you’re someone who experiences chronic pain, we recommend using CBD massage oil because it’s one of the best ways to help manage pain. CBD massage oil contains cannabinoids that assist with lowering inflammation and can help soothe and relax muscles. This is one of the most effective methods to help with muscle and joint pain.

If you’re an individual who suffers from back pain and chronic pain, we know you will reap the benefits of using CBD massage oil. With the use of our oil, you can begin to experience effects within minutes that can last for hours.

3. Mood Booster

If this is going to be your first time having a massage, using CBD oil can help relax your body and mind and will allow you to have a more enjoyable experience.

When you’re finished with your massage, you’ll have relaxed muscles, smoother skin, and less anxiety.

4. Improvements to Your Skin

You might be unaware, but CBD massage oil is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. These oils contain hemp, which helps make your skin smooth and soft. When using CBD oil, not only will you feel more relaxed, but it can also help make improvements to your skin.

If you’re an individual who struggles with eczema or acne, CBD massage oil is a fantastic option with many benefits. This is because CBD oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that help reduce pain within the skin and help soothe it. If you’ve tried other methods with little success, CBD massage oil is an excellent option.

5. Stimulates Your Senses

If you’re getting a CBD oil massage, you can stimulate your senses and connect to your mind in the most unique way. During a massage, your skin and muscles are being stimulated, providing you with that relaxed feeling. You’ll feel connected to your body, which can help you remain more alert.

As many of us live in a fast-paced society, it’s not often that we find the time to connect to our mind and body and live in the moment. Using CBD massage oil is an excellent method to stimulate your senses and to implement it into your regular routine.

6. Helps With Stress & Anxiety

If you’re an individual who suffers from stress and anxiety, we know that you will enjoy the benefits of using CBD massage oil. One of the last benefits we’ll discuss is its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, and by using it through massage therapies, you’ll receive the most effects.

CBD massage oil can help with stress and anxiety because it keeps you calm and will not get you high. While massages, in general, are relaxing, when using CBD massage oil, you’ll be in heaven!

You can experience the feeling from CBD massage oil for up to two hours, and it is a great way to keep your stress and anxiety levels at a low.

Final Thoughts

Have you been thinking about using CBD massage oil? There are several scientific reasons as to why you should use it, which could help with various aspects of your life. Getting a massage using CBD massage oil is an unforgettable experience and can help with chronic pain, tension, and anxiety.

Check out our blog post to discover more benefits of CBD today!

CBD Massage Oil: FAQ

1. How long does CBD massage oil take to work?

The time it takes CBD massage oil depends on the individual, but it can begin working in as little as ninety minutes.

2. Can you drive after a CBD oil massage?

Yes, you can drive after a CBD oil massage because CBD oil does not contain THC.

3. Does CBD massage oil make you sleepy?

While a CBD massage can help improve the quality of your sleep, it won’t make you drowsy.

4. Is CBD massage oil worth it?

One of the primary benefits of using CBD massage oil is that it helps reduce inflammation, which is excellent for individuals who suffer from obesity and heart disease. 

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