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D8 Delta Hemp8 Cartridge

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10 different flavors to enhance your summer! 92% Delta 8 is a great addition to kratom as well!

Ease those aches and pains! Delta 8 is a great companion to kratom. Very mellow and effective. Try it today while it’s legal!

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White Vein

White Veins can tend to be the most energizing of the strains. Clean energy with a good mood boost! A good one on it's own or added into a personal blend. Often balanced with a Red if it is too energizing.

Green Vein

Green Vein is your middle of the road strain. Greens can be energizing with mood boost, alertness and mood lift. A great strain to get you thru the day with a genuine smile! Greens are highly recommended for beginners.

Red Vein

Red Vein is generally the most sedating of the strains. Pleasant relaxation and good rest can be found with this strain. Can also be used in a blend with either Green or White to achieve a desired effect.

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Customers Reviews

Crystal Rose Johnson
Crystal Rose Johnson
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we've recently discovered this gem in Cody. From their cbd to their kratom, we are impressed
Michael Lott
Michael Lott
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great prices everyone who works there is kind and friendly and can Answer any questions about kratom and proper dosing .
Nick Buffone
Nick Buffone
Read More
High quality product at a very good price and really care for customers if you need this product this I the best place to go


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