Goo’d Extracts 3pk THCA Prerolls Indica Wedding Cake

Goo’d Extracts 3pk THCA Prerolls Indica Wedding Cake

Goo’d Extract’s specialty in the cannabis scene is pre-rolls, so users know they are in for a high-quality treat with these!

Goo’d Extract’s Indica Wedding Cake THCa Diamonds Pre-rolls come in a 3ct package. Each Pre-roll is protected in an individual tube before being packaged.

Every roll is made from premium indoor flower, each containing 1g. This flower is infused with THCa + .4g THCa Diamonds!


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The Goo’d Extracts 3pk THCA Pre-rolls Indica Wedding Cake is a premium cannabis product that offers a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the potent effects of the popular Indica strain Wedding Cake.

Each pack contains three pre-rolls filled with high-quality flower that has been infused with THCA, a cannabinoid known for its potential therapeutic properties.

The Wedding Cake strain is renowned for its sweet and earthy flavors, along with its relaxing and calming effects. These prerolls provide a smooth and flavorful smoking experience, making them perfect for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and beginners alike.

With the Goo’d Extracts 3pk THCA Prerolls Indica Wedding Cake, you can indulge in the soothing sensations and delightful flavors of Wedding Cake in a convenient and ready-to-use format.

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