Hydro Platinum Kratom Powder

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Hydro Platinum is a blend my farmer in Indonesia made up especially for Capitol Botanicals. No other vendor will have this “strain”. It is a very energetic and euphoric green.

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    Our Hydro Platinum Kratom is made from 100% Indonesian Harvested Kratom

    9 reviews for Hydro Platinum Kratom Powder

    1. DKMorphet (verified owner)

      Gives great energy without feeling nauseous!!! Love it!

    2. KevyAnn (verified owner)

      I think this is a fantastic blend! I am able to take a slightly smaller dose than usual and get excellent energy as well as pain relief.

    3. Nickyjones

      I have tried almost all the greens of Capitol. I wanted to try the hydro platinum. Because it a special blend from farmer.i is awesome for mood lift.euphoric like feeling.great energy.and pain relief. I had not had mood lift in a while.this gave me plenty and it lasted along time.it is now one of my favorite green.

    4. DebZ (verified owner)

      Wonderful blend. Decent amount of energy and pain relief. Worth trying and keeping on the shelf for sure.

    5. Melissa Boone (verified owner)

      For some reason, I thought this was a white but it’s a green. I usually pass on the greens because they can give me too much energy. But this is so smooth. I have energy during the day and I am a gardener, slinging 40lb bags and kneeling to weed. I ordered this twice now because I wanted to make sure it was that potent and not just a fluke. At night or on cloudy, cold days, I add Red Bali at about 20% to this and it blends beautifully. I get relief, relaxation and comfort. So far I have really liked everything I’ve sampled. I’ve taken kratom for 8 years now and this is some of the best kratom I’ve ever had.

    6. Isil

      I am a creature of habit. For me, my preference is green Mang Da. Night or day it stays the same. It must have been a full moon or something, but I tried this Hydro Platinum. I found it to be quite pleasant to sit with in ease. This blend quickly pasted a smile on my face. Some other full moon, perhaps tonight, I will adventure, and include another exciting blend into my otherwise narrow Kratom preferences.

    7. Elizabeth (verified owner)

      My go to for work. Really helps my back pain and carpal tunnel.

    8. suemaltby0 (verified owner)

      I love this one. I take it about 40 minutes pre-workout and it cuts my pain in half and gives energy. My hubs uses it for an energetic relaxation. Will definitely order again.

    9. chakita2000 (verified owner)

      One of the best greens I have tried. It doesn’t make me sick and helps with my chronic pain.

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