Delta 8 cartridge

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10 different flavors to enhance your summer! 92% Delta 8 is a great addition to kratom as well!

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Ease those aches and pains! Delta 8 is a great companion to kratom. Very mellow and effective. Try it today while it’s legal!

2 reviews for Delta 8 cartridge

  1. Isil

    I did not try the cartridge, but rather the Shatter that was available. It was my first exposure to Delta 8. It has unique effects among other cannabis products, legal or illegal. At higher doses, I accidentally fall into those at times, I felt a powerful clarity of vision, and an elation that I might feel before something extraordinary occurs. It is a very good feeling, I never felt overwhelmed, I enjoyed Delta 8 far more than I believed I would. I am thinking of purchasing the cartridge today. I also found Delta 8 to be an excellent analgesic.

  2. RonS

    From out of State. This Store is Awesome, The Owner was very Friendly and knowledgeable. Thumbs up !!

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