Yellow Borneo Kratom

A package of Yellow Borneo Kratom

Yellow Borneo Kratom

Experience the unique balance of energy and relaxation with Capitol Botanicals’ Yellow Borneo Kratom. Perfect for enhancing mood, focus, and well-being naturally.


Attention Capitol Botanicals customers:

Due to new Wyoming law, THC becomes illegal on July 1st. We won’t restock THC items, and expect to sell out by June 1st. Sales out of state will also cease. Wyoming customers, please purchase while supplies last.

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Elevate your wellness journey with Capitol Botanicals’ Yellow Borneo Kratom, a rare and exceptional strain that stands out with its unique properties and soothing effects. Originating from the lush forests of Borneo, this strain undergoes a distinctive drying process that accentuates its potent qualities, offering a sublime experience that caters to both novice and seasoned kratom enthusiasts.Yellow Borneo Kratom is celebrated for its ability to strike a fine balance between relaxation and alertness, making it a versatile choice for those seeking a mild energy boost along with enhanced mood and comfort. Its nuanced effects are attributed to its special fermentation process, which enriches the alkaloid profile and imparts a smooth, well-rounded experience.

Key Features:

  • Name: Capitol Botanicals’ Yellow Borneo Kratom
  • Type: Yellow Vein Kratom, known for its balanced properties
  • Origin: Sourced directly from Borneo, ensuring authenticity and quality
  • Effects: Provides a harmonious blend of mild energy, mood enhancement, and relaxation


  • Mental Clarity: Enhances focus and cognitive function without overstimulation.
  • Emotional Balance: Promotes feelings of well-being and reduces stress.
  • Gentle Energy: Offers a subtle lift that supports productivity and motivation.

How to Use:

To enjoy the optimal benefits of Yellow Borneo, start with a small dose to assess its effect on your body, gradually increasing as needed. This strain is perfect for daytime use or whenever you need a gentle boost.

Quality Assurance:

At Capitol Botanicals, we are committed to providing the highest quality kratom. Each batch of our Yellow Borneo Kratom is rigorously tested to ensure purity, potency, and safety for our customers.


While Yellow Borneo Kratom is known for its potential benefits, effects may vary based on individual factors. Please consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating any kratom product into your routine. Ensure its legality in your region before purchase.


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